This section provides members with the latest information as submitted by the club executive. This includes news on upcoming tournaments, past tournament results and any other important information provided by the Club's executive board.
last updated 5/15/19 DID YOU KNOW. . .

 DID YOU KNOW. . .updated 5/18/19

SURVEY RESULTS posted 5/18/19

A survey has been emailed to all 18 hole members, if you did not receive it please check your spam/junk folder; several members found their survey in their spam/junk email file.  The BOD needs your input so please let us know if you need us to email a copy to you, send us an email at



LOCAL RULES have been added under "documents tab" 



Birdies by Hole Season to date

     1E    2

     1S     2

     1W    2

     2E     5

     3E     2

     3S     7

     4E     8

     4W    7

     5E     5

     5S     4

     5W    4

     8E     6

     9S     2

     9W   14


    Total  70


 Cathy Arnold                                        8E        

 Elaine Thompson                                4E                   

 Janet Johnson                                1E, 9S                   

 Josette Hess                                   4E, 5S                 

 Lee Pelletier                                         3S                

 Louanne Jackson                                 8E                  

 Marianne Barker                              3E, 5W                     

 Marta Rash                                            9S                  

 Maureen Murphy                                9W

 Pat Holtzer                                             3S

 Ruby Willmer                                       4W

 Susan Mayle                                        3S       



  Bonnie Boals                                     2E                         

  Gwen Holden                                   8E                         

  Jena Eaves                                         4W                       

  Jan Taylor                                           4W, 9W              

  Judy McFall                                       9W                        

  Judy Weissman                                14E                       

  Lori Nicola                                          2E, 5E, 5W

  Louanne Jackson                               1S                       

  Madonna Lambert                           5S                       

  Marjorie Okey                                   4E                        

  Pat Holtzer                                          9W                      

  Ruby Willmer                                     5E, 1W, 4W



President Cup winners are posted under PHOTO tab  

2/16/19 see photos of golf course from 2/14 under photo tab on this website 



As many of you know,  this past Spring,  it was announced by Club Management that all credit book funds must be used before December 31st.   An allowance was made for people that win credit book funds in Nov. and Dec. to roll over those amounts as they may not have enough time to make purchases. All funds prior to Nov. 1st must be used at the club before the end of the year.


Credit Book Extensions - Members may request to have their fund roll over if they have orders placed or particular items they are expecting to come into the shop. A few members have requested a delay until January due to demo days and special orders.


F&B - Credit book can be used for food and beverage and all the member has to do is tell the server when they get their check.


 Hope this helps clarify the credit book questions.

Sign-ups for FRIDAY

You are able to sign up all four players for your foursome on Friday, if you wish to do so. 

 HOWEVER, if anyone in the foursome needs to cancel they have to cancel themselves, even though you signed them up, you are not able to cancel them.

When can I sign up on the website for Play Days

You can sign up 2 weeks in advance for Tuesday & Friday regular play days the cutoff for:

Tuesdays is 5PM Sunday

Fridays is  5PM Wednesday


posted 6-16-2019 President, Gail Zalta's Message

It’s getting warmer but still nice enough to have coffee outside in the morning...which I’m doing right now.  The gals here are still playing golf...we’re just getting out earlier and drinking lots of water.

As promised the calendar for next season is now posted on our website.  So mark your calendars and start thinking about who you want to join you for guest days!  The Monterey CC opening is Sunday November 10 and our golf opening/party is Tuesday, November 12.

We will soon have information on renewals so keep checking the website throughout the summer. 

See you in November!!!




5/8/19 Financial Report, Jena Eaves

 Financial Picture 

Each year, your ladies golf club collects annual dues that support our activities throughout the season.

We subsidize our major tournaments, but not guest day.  Guest day entry fees are budgeted by the committee for that event to cover all of the expenses.

We also subsidize the monies paid out on Tuesday play days at $3 per member.  From that pot, winnings in the form of pro shop credit are paid to the top finishers.  The Friday play day pot is a contribution from the member playing for that day and billed through their MCC account at $5 per member.  Top finishers are also paid by pro shop credit.

Your dues help to subsidize the Fall and Spring teams.  Over 70 of our members participated in these teams this season.  Each member of the team buys their own shirt and pays cart fees and lunch fees at the various clubs they are playing.  They represent us at MCC when they are playing these clubs.

Your dues include membership in GHIN for your handicap index and the ladies club website, your roster book and other events throughout the season.

For a closer look, please review the budget and year to date financial report on the website and posted on the bulletin board in the locker room.

Thank you for being a member of the Monterey Country Club Ladies Golf Association.


Jena Eaves, Treasurer







Most Improved Players 2018-19 Seaspm



MCCLGA 2019 Most Improved Player

 Marjorie Okey 

I am pleased to announce Marj Okey as the MCCLGA 2019 Most Improved Player. Marj has been a member since 2017. She lives in in Hawaii when not in Palm Desert with her husband Jim. There she used to swim long distance ocean races. She is a proud member of the East Side Gang and plays regularly in the Monterey Cup. Marj plays on most Tuesdays & Fridays with us. Her Index went from 33.9 on November 1st to 25.7 on May 1st. It was especially nice that her Mom was visiting from Orange County and was at our luncheon when she received her award.  Congratulations Marj we are so pleased you are a member of MCCLGA.


MCCLGA 2018-19 Monthly Most Improved


Louanne Jackson


Carey Smith


Patti Levenda


Lori Nicola


Elaine Thompson


Marj Okey 




4/10/19 a message from Malinda Gilchrist



Malinda Gilchrist

 As secretary for 2017 -2019 I am the official record keeper of the Monterey Country Club Ladies Golf Association.   I keep a comprehensive log of items discussed and debated during meetings.  These records, known as the minutes, cover what was accomplished.  I also note the members who are present, and write down actions in the order they occurred.  Once a meeting is complete, I make formal reports and copies.  I also maintain records of past meetings.  My duties include:  record and publish minutes of board meetings and general meetings. The approved minutes are available on the website: and Ladies Locker room.  During the two years I served with President Sally Lillard and President Gail Zalta.  Thanks to the two Presidents recording minutes were expedited and the meetings proceeded competently.  


New Rules from 2019

Just as a refresher:


  • Flagstick may be left in at any time - no penalty for hitting pin
  • Lost Ball - 3 minutes to locate
  • Double Hit - no penalty
  • Ball at rest moved while searching for or marking - replace on original spot - no penalty 
  • Drop procedure - ball must be dropped from knee height
  • Embedded Ball - Lift clean and drop - no penalty (except in water hazard or bunker)
  • Ball in motion hits the player or their equipment - no penalty, play the ball as it lies.
  • Relief in Bunker - a player may take relief outside the bunker on a line from the pin through where the ball lies in the bunker - 2 stroke penalty
  • When on the putting green a player may repair any damage -including spike marks and animal damage (may not repair natural imperfections) 
  • In a penalty area or bunker a player may remove loose impediments.  They may also touch the ground or sand with their hand or club as long as they do not improve the lie or test the conditions of play.









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