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President's Cup

 Doug and Steve presenting winners                                                                  2018 President Cup winners

Margy McDaniel and Denise Durrell 

 2018 President Cup Winners

Febuary’s Handicap Information


February’s Handicap Helpful Hints! 


Please post every score if you play 7/9 or 13/18. We need to do a better job of posting our scores. The Pro Shop posts on Tuesday & Fridays but the remainder of the week is our responsibility!


Congratulations to January’s Most Improved player Susan Mayle. She dropped her Index from 23.5 – 21.3. It’s a very complicated formula computed by SCGA, weighted based upon ones Index.


Email me @ if you have questions or make a posting mistake.


Have fun!!






The dates for our rules clinics are as follows:


·         Monday, March 12 @ 2 pm – subject to be determined


Jan McEvoy, Rules Chair 

Weekly Events Update


With the New Pro Staff and New Computer System and a New Weekly Person our beginning this year

has been challenging.  But, we have had  excellent cooperation from the Pro Shop and we are now on

the same page.  

We have had an average of 34 players each week and paid out over $2,000.00  so far this season.   

So come out and join us for some fun games.

Reminder:  If a player has to withdraw during a round please put an "WD" on the score card 

next to their name.

Nedene Myer Weekly Play Coordinator




Do you know of someone who is not using the website?  If so, please contact Janet Johnson or Jena Eaves to assist that member in logging in and signing up for events.  In the new future, we will schedule a time that Janet and Jena will be in the lounge or dining room after golf to assist any member who wishes.  Also, if you have any questions, please use the "Contact us" menu at the top of the screen.  Thanks for your support.

The Communication Committee 

Rules lesson - How to take relief


click here for link to USGA video:


Guest Days


Guest Days



Thank you to everyone who played in both the December and January Guest Days!!  The committees work long and hard to provide you with a fun experience and they truly enjoy meeting your guests, watching the excitement and cheering on the winners.



Dos Dias, our 3-day signature event (March 7, 8 & 9) is well on it’s way and we look forward to seeing you there.  Our last guest day of the season (April 27) is the one event that you can invite up to three guests making up your own personal foursome.  Both events are shaping up to be days you don’t want to miss.



A few things to remember:


·         If you need a guest, please let me or one of the committee members know.  We can easily find you someone who would love to play with you and pay their own way.  That’s how I met my Dos Dias partner.  Someone introduced us and we now our friends and play together frequently.


·         It really helps if you can get your reservation in early rather than waiting until the last week and/or minute.  The committees budget for a certain amount and they need to buy tee prizes early, so it helps them to know how many to purchase. 


Finally, we would love to hear about Guest Days that you have attended elsewhere.  Whenever I’m invited to a guest day I take pictures and bring home ideas.  It’s amazing how clever the women are here in the Desert and how much they care about entertaining their club members and guests. 


Finally, all of us on the MCCLGA Board appreciate you and hope you join us in the two upcoming events along with our weekly games and tournaments.  You are the ones who make these games successful!




Thank you!




Gail Zalta


Vice President



Fall Team Results

Check FALL TEAM tab under RESULTS

to see how our MCCLGA team  is doing.


Birdies Birdies Birdies

Birdie Report...


Welcome back to everyone.  For November we had 11 Birdies.  Most popular holes       were:

4 West - 4

9 South - 2

9 West - 2


Multiple Birdies went to: 

Jill Butler - 3

Leila Lewis - 2

Cathy Arnold - 2


For December we also had 11 Birdies.  Most popular holes were:

9 West - 3

4 East - 2

3 South - 2

Multiple Birdies went to:

Kathy Larison - 2

Louanne Jackson - 2

January is starting off very strong for Birdies...stay tuned!! 

Susan Wartelle, Birdie Chair




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