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Instructions for Summer Play Day sign ups


Golf members:

The pro shop will be blocking off tee times for our MCCLGA members to sign up on the website for tee times starting on July 10 and following throughout the summer for both Tuesday and Friday.  A member of the communications committee will be in the lounge after play starting Tuesday June 26 to demonstrate how to sign up.

You are able to choose your time and partners up to 2 weeks in advance of the play day.

Click here for detailed instructions: 


Updated Course Rating


Earlier this year, a course rating team from the SCGA came out and rerated our 3 golf courses.  Included in this new updated rating are the brand new green tees (new forward tees).  Click here for the new course ratings:


Modernization of Rules of Golf



On January 1, 2019, a modernization of the Rules of Golf will be in affect.  Click here to go to the USGA website to review some of the changes.





Birdies for April and May


April & May Birdies Winners are…..
Cathy Arnold 2
Gretchen Hanson 1
Jan Mustain 2
Jan Taylor 1
Judy McFall 1
Linda Cook 1
Linda Rocque Hill 1
Loralee Stroud 1
Lori Nicola 1
Marianne Barker 2
Midge Cole 2
Pat Holtzer 1
Patsy Casteel 1
Sally Lillard 1
Total 18
Jan Mustain   1

Marilyn Fehr   1
Total   2

 Susan Wartelle, Birdie Chair

Total birdies by Hole 2018



Hole Count for 2018 

           1S       1 

           1W     3 

           2E       2 

           3S      20 

           3W    1 

           4E      12 

           4S      1 

           4W    17 

           5E      1 

           5S      8 

           6S      3 

           6W    2 

           7W    1 

           8E      3 

           9S      5 

          9W    19


        Total     99


  Susan Wartelle, Birdie Chair  


Summer Fun Photos

  Dear Members,

A new section has been added under "Photos" on this website for posting your travel vacation pictures.  You may email those photos to for posting by the communications committee.  If you would please limit your photos to no more than 2 per adventure than we will have space for all.

 If you have any questions about this, please email to the above email address.  Thanks for your participation - it should be fun keeping track of everyone!

Jena Eaves, Webmaster 


Letter from Vice President at American Golf


Click here for letter 







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