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President Sally's Message


And here I thought they were just kidding me; but my game did actually get worse as president!  Watch out next year I am going to be all about my golf game!!!!



Sally Lillard

GHIN Number: 




Handicap Index

Effective Date

Low H.I.

Monterey Country Club (W)
Southern California Golf Assoc






In all seriousness, I can’t really blame my shift in focus entirely on MCCLGA business.  I have truly enjoyed my time on the board and have gotten to know so many of our members even better than before I had the honor of serving as your president.  I have served with a wonderful group of women who care about MCCLGA and have done a great job on the BOD.


One of the most challenging and yet rewarding aspects of my tenure as president, has been assisting an all new staff at MCC both in Club management and golf operations, get acclimated to MCCLGA operations.  We have come a long way this past season and I think we are headed in an excellent direction for the future.


I thank all of you for your patience as I learned my job on the fly, with a lot of help from a lot of past presidents and BOD members.  I leave my post knowing you have a great incoming BOD who will serve our needs well.


I close my end-of-season note wishing all of you and your families a happy & healthy off season and am looking forward to our next season as your most recent past president ready to play golf and have FUN!!!!


Safe travels!!!




Tournament - Denise Durrell



We’re coming to the end of another season and its been fun.


With an all-new Tournament Committee and an all-new Pro-Shop, there have been some challenges and learning curves, but all and all, a great year and great participation for Major Tournaments.  I want to thank my Committee, Janet Johnson, Linda Cook, Sandy Armando and Maureen Murphy.  They have really backed me up and helped make the Tournaments run smoothly.  And I want to thank the Ladies of MCCLGA.  You are a wonderful representation of a Ladies Golf Club.  I appreciate all the comments and suggestions and am already working on some ideas for next year!




Hope you all have a healthy, enjoyable summer.  If you’re headed out to another home, safe travels!


And I’m looking forward to another fun year in 2018-2019!







Gretchen Hanson, Handicap Chair



April’s Handicap Update


Thanks for being more consistent in posting your score on the day you played!


A SCGA Team was here earlier and rerated our course.


Our new course ratings for Women - Gold are:


East/South - 127


South/West – 129


West/East – 128


East/East – 126


West/West – 130


South/South 127


Rain Course – 121


Doug is in the process of printing new score cards which should be ready in May.


Special Congratulations to our Most Improved Players thus far:


November – Maureen Murphy


December – Bev Michelson


January – Susan Mayle


February – Josette Hess


March – Marilyn McNeill


April – TBD, will be announced at our May General Meeting.


2017-18 Season –TBD, will be announced at our May General Meeting.





Weekly Events Update

 Only 8 MCCLGA play days left between now and our May 15th finale.
Much as I've enjoyed doing weekly events this season, my personal schedule is not well suited for doing it again next season.
We had some challenges with an all new golf staff but I think most kinks have been worked out.  What a great group we have in golf operations now.  I appreciate their patience while we "grew into our jobs together".
Kay O'Hara has worked with myself and Jan Taylor on the weekly events committee, I thank them both for all their assistance. I know Kay will do a great job for all of us next season.
My thanks to all of you for the positive feedback as we made continuous improvements throughout this season.  I know a lot of you are quite happy about getting results posted promptly.
Let's finish the season strong, sign up for Tuesday's on our website by 5pm Sunday and Fridays in the Pro Shop except for April 6th which is an afternoon shotgun, make your foursome & sign up for that one on our website.
Thanks for a great Season MCCLGA




Susan Wartelle, Birdie Chair

Hello All,
 Those celebrating Birdies in March are:
 Cathy Arnold 4W

Denise Durrell 4E

Jan McEvoy 6S

Kathy Larison 6W

Leila Lewis 8E

Linda Browning 3S

Loralee Stroud 3S & 9W

Louanne Jackson 4E & 6S

Marta Rash 4E & 9W

Maureen Murphy 4W

Number of Birdies by Hole since November are:

1 South    1

1 West     2

2 East       1

3 South    16

4 East       11

4 South    1

4 West    15

5 East      1

5 South   6

6 South   2

6 West    1

7 West    1

8 East      2

9 South   5

9 West   13

Total      78

Congratulations to all!!  

Sandy Armondo, Membership Chair


This year, being on the Board for the MCCLGA was a fantastic experience.  To start with, I had taken over from Gail Zalta, who was very well organized and made it such an easy hand off.  I plan on doing the same for Shiela Letts!




The Membership Chair’s position is a great place to be, on the Board.  I was told, once you sign up all the members and get the roster done, you are pretty much done.  I am here to tell you that is not the way it is.  Or maybe, with Sally at the helm, we did so much more.  Or, maybe it was just a way to hook me in to agreeing to be on the Board! Let me tell you, it was a privilege!




Once you renew everyone’s membership, which means you need to know Excel to keep good records of people and payments, then a roster is created from your efforts.  After that, you need to really be immersed in the MCC business side.  I joined the Ambassador Committee.  The main reason was to know who the new members  were and then contact them to see if they would like to join our group.  This is an important step in helping to recruit new members into our group.




Then, with Sally’s suggestion, I started a Big Sister – Little Sister program to make sure when we brought in a new member, she was teamed up with a MCCLGA member who would foster a positive relationship with her.  Our responsibility is to make sure our Little Sisters are informed and have all their questions and concerns met.  I started having meetings, after the General Meeting each month, to make sure they understood what was talked about, voted on and information on tournaments that were coming up.  My hope is this will continue on as it can be very intimidating joining a group of women and afraid to ask what you possibly should know.  I should know, because when I joined I felt the same way.  I was on my own to figure everything out.  Our job is to help our new members feel like they belong the minute they join us because they do.  I hope all our members will help out when they meet a new member to our group.




I have truly enjoyed my time on the Board this year.  If it weren’t for finding a “four letter word” (job), I would have liked to have continued on the Board this coming year.  The current Board is filled with very smart, devoted and wonderful women who all wanted to make this year fun for all.  It was an absolute pleasure and honor working with all of you.




Thank you, all, for the opportunity to serve you,




Sandy Armando





Report from Gail Zalta, Vice President


Another season is wrapping up and I for one have had a fantastic time.  This year as Vice President has been great and made easier by the gals that volunteered for our guest days.  A special thanks to all the wonderful women who have worked so hard this season. 
December Jan Taylor, Kay O’Hara, Claudia Glass and Marilyn Abdell 
January Janet Johnson, Shirley Gibson and Judy McFall
Dos Dias Leila Lewis, Jill Butler, Patty Nelson and Kathy Larison
April  Josette Hess, Linda Jarrendt and Marianne Barker
Without volunteers we would not be able to enjoy our Guest Days and Tournaments that are such a big part of MCCLGA.  I look forward to next year and to seeing you all again in the fall.  But hey…if you’re here in the summer…give me a call if you want to play golf!!!

Desert Foxes Membership Notice


     Desert Foxes Membership Notice




Desert Foxes is a ladies summer league made up of clubs throughout the desert. The league offers members access to these courses, and is a great way to meet ladies from other clubs!  The season begins in May and ends in August/September. Annual dues are $25 for all members. New members’ index may not exceed 30.0, as of April 15; returning members may be higher. There is no limit to the number of players from any club. (Please make checks payable to Linda Browning)    




Sign-up sheet is in the Ladies Locker Room.                                                




The Foxes play every Thursday. Check-in is one hour prior to shotgun time. A B C D teams are made up from those who sign up each week. Play will be limited to a maximum handicap of 36. The game is selected by the host club, depending on the weather conditions. There is a flat fee of $45 collected the morning of play to cover green fees, lunch, prizes, and cart barn gratuity. Valet, where available, is on an individual basis and is NOT included in the above fee.




     Chair:         Linda Browning  - - 760-341-6546                   

     Co- Chair:  Linda Cook         -         - 206-962-0865  


Rules Quiz


1.        In match play, Martha and Jane are playing partners against Sue and Mary.  In the fairway, Martha is the furthest from the hole and should play first.  However, Mary goes ahead and hits her ball with a great shot on the green.  Mary incurs a 2-stroke penalty for playing out of turn.


True or False 


2.        In stroke play, prior to taking her stance before her second shot in the rough, Jody removes a stake defining out of bounds that interferes with her line of play.  However, Jody replaces the stake before playing the stroke.  Jody incurs no penalty because she put the stake back before hitting her shot.


True or False


3.        During the club championship, Diane turns her scorecard into the Pro Shop at the completion of her round.  She goes to her cart and then remembers she did not sign her card.  She does not incur a penalty because she remembers before the scores are posted and goes back in to sign.


True or False



Answers:  1 – False.  Rule 10-1 (c)  If a player plays when her opponent should have played, there is no penalty, but the opponent may immediately require the player to cancel the stroke made and, in correct order, play a ball as nearly as possible at the spot from which the original ball was last played (see Rule 20-5) 


2 – False.  Rule 13-2  A player must not improve or allow to be improved her line of play or a reasonable extension on that line beyond the hole.


3- False.  Rule 6-6b  Diane is disqualified.



(Rules quiz reproduced from the Winter 2018 issue of Fore magazine)




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